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About Us

Sketch Art Supplies & Picture Framing is a shop operating out of Calgary, Alberta Canada. I sell art supplies online and also offer custom picture framing and digital fine art printing (by appointment). It is run by a sole proprietor and artist - me - Ljubica (Luba) Todorovic. I previously operated via brick & mortar shop, first as Studio Todorovic (3 years) and later Sketch Art Supplies (5 years) and decided to cut costs by ending my commercial lease in May 2016. Please call first before visiting so that I can book you in for a visit, consultation or drop-off! Hope to see you soon!

Sketch is owned and operated by an artist and (of course) we are all about creativity. We sell the raw materials you need in order to let your imagination run wild. There is just nothing like spending some quality time with your art materials… imagine that, being able to take a few colors and make them into a piece of artwork! A few scribbles here, some eraser marks there… bit of smudging… and viola! You have just turned a crisp, white sheet of paper into a little piece of art. Flip to the next page in your sketchbook and continue your journey. There is simply nothing like it. At Sketch, we believe that art is for everyone… even if you “can’t even draw a stick-man”. It doesn’t matter… just try it out! You’ll surprise yourself. Remember that the key to success is to make mistakes… and learn from them.

Location & Business Hours

Huntington Hills
Calgary, AB
(403) 450-1917

Please call for address and to book a visit.

By appointment only at this time.

Ljubica Todorovic
Sketch Art Supplies
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