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Sketch Art Supplies offers the following matboard options…

You may purchase matboard from us and we do all the cutting, or
You may purchase sheets of matboard or foamcore for your own use!

We do not cut customer matboard unless you purchased it from us.

– Brands with samples: Artique, Crescent Select & Ragmat, Peterboro.
– 1,190 matboard corner samples to choose from!

Please note: Mats must be ordered in (1 week or less wait time). Sometimes we have open stock in the store, but it is best to order the color you need.

Brands Available

Artique Conservation Matboard
Artique Conservation 8-Ply
Artique Linens & Fabrics
Crescent Select
Crescent Rag Museum Solids
Crescent Rag
Peterboro Conservation
Peterboro Linens & Fabrics

Sizes Available: 32×40 & 40×60. Oversized available depending on availability.

Bulk discounts are available! Call Luba for more information or to book an appointment at (403) 450-1917